Increase Upsells,
Cut costs. Grow your restaurant.

Orderspot does the work for you.
Pre-Configured QR Placeable

Orderspot provides pre-configured QRs that identify the area that the customer is placing the order within your restaurant. Say bye to complaints about slow service, and say hello to more add-on orders!

Beautiful Mobile Optimized Menus

No more text only menus that don't let you feature your beautiful dishes. Say yes to beautiful photo menus that let you customers view your items from the convenience of their mobile phones.

It's convenient and contactless!

Take Mobile Orders

Whether your customers are dining in-house or grabbing takeout before work, they can place orders conveniently
through Orderspot's mobile  app.

Take Digital Payments

Make it easy for your customers to pickup or dine-in with contactless digital payments. Provide debit, credit and digital payments through your Orderspot app.

Orderspot remembers your customers' payment information so they can tap and go every time they visit.

Real-Time Customer Alerts

Orderspot automatically notifies your customer about order status. No more calls asking when the food will be ready or whether you've received the order.

Orderspot handles it for you!

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