Hospitality Venues

Your guests expect an elevated experience at your property. Build seamless experiences that let guests order anywhere on your property.

Branded Ordering System

Your brand matters. Make sure your brand is front and center across all customer touchpoints.

Made for Hotels

A system that can work seamlessly with your hotel operations- hotel firewalls, PMS integrations, and guest folios included.

White Glove Service

24/7 service to take you from design consultation all the way to installation and launch

Drive Sales at your Venue

Unleash points of sale in hard to reach parts of your property. See check runners turn into brand ambassadors for your hotel property

  • Brand your ordering App with seamless guest payments
  • See results with a checkout process designed to convert
  • Automate payments straight to your bank account

Build Customer Loyalty with Data

Provide a stellar customer experience that drives customer retention and loyalty

  • Segment customers based on their preferences
  • Use Item Analytics to optimize operations
  • Manage guest experience to drive customer visits

PMS Integrations

Made in partnership with hospitality partners, Orderspot is tailored for hotels. Integrations & installations included.

  • Let guests post payments to guest folios
  • White glove installation for on-premise systems
  • Integrate with your Property Management System

What our Partners Say

Orderspot has been absolutely amazing for my restaurant and my business. They are very easy to work with and very accommodating if issues arise. They also have been able to keep my customers and employees safe during this tough time. The increase in sales for my business is just the cherry on top. I highly recommend Orderspot because of their professionalism and their pursuit to make their service seamless with your operation.

Andrew, Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

Over 500 monthly poolside and dine-in orders from hotel guests


Average monthly QR scans and menu views

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