How to Manage Room Service Orders Using QR Ordering

How to Manage Room Service Orders Using QR Ordering

How to Manage Room Service Orders Using QR Ordering

How to Manage Room Service Orders Using QR Ordering

During COVID-19, everyone wants to go contactless. Social distancing is the new normal. So, in this new equilibrium, how can hotels adapt their room service procedures, a key element of hospitality? As the CDC issues new guidelines to maintain safety and ensure adequate precautionary measures, consider following these three tips to help monitor your room service while keeping guests safe and satisfied

Rethink the ordering process

As COVID-19 continues to affect our everyday lives, guests are already skeptical of engaging in high-contact areas such as hotel rooms. To help eradicate these concerns, hoteliers can adapt mobile dining from existing takeout apps that have been successful in navigating the reigns during this pandemic.

Firstly, consider completely eliminating touchless transactions and interactions. Sure, the first step in doing so is to always make sure orders are prepaid. But why stop there! Making orders prepaid but still having them delivered directly in person kind of defeats the whole point of contactless ordering. As a result, delivery services have started leaving food at customers’ doors instead of handing it off.

So how can you adapt this strategy for your hotel business?

First, evaluate your room service process and identify opportunities for improvement. For example, in-room QR menus are not only safer and require less cleaning than physical menus, but they’re also much more efficient for collecting orders! With QR menus that update in real time, you can update your menu based on availability, and guests will always have the most up-to-date information on what’s available. Additionally, when you use a service like Orderspot, you can enable one-touch online ordering that’ll allow guests to track the progress of their order. 

Furthermore, in-room menus allow guests the luxury of signing up for a breakfast slot, which allows hotels to track the flow of guests, maintain proper distance and COVID-19 regulations, as well as enable guests the comfort of knowing the density of the dining area for dine-in meals. Here are a couple of ideas detailing this process:

  • Guests receive a notification each evening prompting them to register for a dining slot.

  • Alternatively, notifications can also encourage guests to select a breakfast (or lunch & dinner) menu in advance while also having a guaranteed delivery time.

Use contactless deliveries for room service

According to a survey by the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA), 9 in 10 frequent travelers said that they would prefer limiting in-room housekeeping to by-request only. Furthermore, nearly 60% stated that they wouldn’t be comfortable with housekeeping staff entering rooms without permission in advance. 

When it comes to the safety of your guests and employees, it’s better to overdo safety measures than to underdo them! Ensure that throughout the hotel, all room service staff are on the same page. When delivering room service, use the following checklist:

  • Is the staff member wearing a mask?

  • Is the staff member wearing gloves?

  • Notify the guest that their food has arrived

    only after

    hanging it in a breakfast bag or leaving it in a tray outside the door. Make sure to swiftly step aside after knocking on their door!

Stay informed on guests’ ordering habits

In today’s data-driven world, information is key. Especially when it comes to the hospitality industry, collecting information on what your users want is imperative for identifying trends and catering to the needs of your guests.

When a guest at your hotel orders using your Orderspot storefront, you’ll also gain access to information such as their purchasing habits. Not only can you get a better understanding of what menu items perform best among your guests, you’ll also be able to see their individual ordering behaviors and trends to complement data from their stay. 


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