Bring Customers Back Using Contactless Online Ordering

Safeguard your guests using table-side QR ordering

Bring Customers Back Using Contactless Online Ordering

Safeguard your guests using table-side QR ordering

It’s no secret that restaurant owners are going through a tough time right now. A recent survey of 426 restaurant professionals conducted by Datassential found that 78% of restaurants are either worried or very nervous about their operation’s ability to recover financially from COVID-19. The burden is felt especially acutely by full-service restaurants that were ill-equipped to adapt to the increased demands for takeout and delivery triggered by nationwide restaurant closures starting mid-March.

Even with indoor dining slowly resuming in some regions, it’s highly likely that in-house seating capacity will remain limited for months. With most experts agreeing that the earliest availability of a viable vaccine will be early 2021, health-conscious consumers expect a frictionless dining experience. Consequently, it’s up to restaurants to come up with long-term solutions for the “new normal,” and (hint, hint!) that starts with contactless ordering.

Here are 3 ways in which your restaurant can use contactless ordering by Orderspot to increase revenue and promote your business, all while keeping your customers and employees safe.

Cut menu costs with contactless menus

In today’s climate, customers and restaurants alike are hyper-aware of the importance of a frictionless dining experience - one that ensures maximum safety and social distancing for all parties involved. Some restaurants have adapted by printing single-use menus that get thrown out after each use (too wasteful and costly), or by taking extra care to sanitize their reusable ones (too time-consuming).

One of the easiest ways you can de-friction ordering is by using contactless menu printouts: QR code placeables that diners can scan with their phone cameras to view your menu on their phone - no app required!

Contactless menus with Orderspot are free forever (seriously) and can be placed anywhere in your restaurant, however many times you like.


Provide tableside ordering to increase efficiency

Even with many restaurants providing outdoor seating to make up for indoor dining restrictions, most establishments still remain unable to serve at pre-COVID capacity. As a result, it’s more important than ever that the ordering, dining, and payment process is as efficient as possible, so that restaurants can maximize revenue from in-store dining.

That’s where tableside ordering comes in. Using the same QR code we mentioned above, your restaurant can also enable Order & Pay (completely commission-free for restaurants) to allow customers to order & pay through their phones.

Once a table has ordered, your kitchen will immediately be notified. And as soon as they’re done with their food, each table can pay their bill and be on their way - no need for the timely process of providing them with a check and processing their payment!


Use social media to take orders

In this day and age, it’s nothing new for restaurants to have a social media presence. In fact, maybe your restaurant already has a popping Instagram or Facebook page with thousands of followers and enviable content engagement. That being said, have you considered using your social media to take orders?

By creating an online storefront for your restaurant using Orderspot, your restaurant can take commission-free orders for takeout through social media - all you have to do is put your storefront link in your Instagram bio or Facebook profile. Think of all the potential customers you’re not taking advantage of by not implementing social media ordering. Now think of all the new business you’ll generate just by making that easy fix!

We know that now is an especially hard time for restaurants and that every dollar counts. Unlike other third-party ordering platforms which can charge commissions upwards of 30% per order, Orderspot is completely free for restaurants. To stop wasting money and start increasing your revenue, sign up for Orderspot today.


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