QR Ordering for Restaurants

Contactless Ordering Made Simple

Web-based digital menu and online ordering platform to grow your business.

See powerful results all with
zero commission

QR Menu
Boost sales
Open up convenient online channels to order wherever customers find you beautiful menus included
QR Menu
Eliminate waste
Say bye to wordy paper menus and PDFs on your website. Say hello to beautiful mobile menus that convert. Beautiful photos included!
QR Menu
Amplify Reach
Gather phone numbers from your customers, so you can update foodies about promotions, happy hours, and specials!
QR Menu
Increase satisfaction
Create a seamless mobile online-to- offline experience that improves service efficiency and keeps customers happy and safe

Track, engage, delight!

QR Menu
QR Menu
Launch a digital store
QR Menu
See which Items Customers love
QR Menu
Offer contactless Menu and ordering
QR Menu
Link to social Media accounts
QR Menu
Track sales, orders
QR Menu
Web-based, no app required
QR Menu
Provide order status
alerts in real time

For Orderspot partners,

beautiful mobile ordering
experiences have driven

increase in average
check size
increase in daily
average revenue
Improvement in
Customer Satisfaction
We provide custom design and development for operators with 10+ locations.

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A Mobile Ordering
Solution for
Tableside and Takeout

Contactless ordering
Tableside Ordering
Let your customers order from the convenience of their phones while dining-in at your restaurant
Tableside QR Ordering
Contactless ordering
Online Ordering
Allow diners to place pickup orders for ASAP or schedule orders for later using their mobile phones
Orders for Takeout

Say goodbye to setup pain!

Pre-configured QR for each area within your restaurant - down to patio, tables, bar
Order management through any device: iPhones, iPads, Android Tablets, Desktop
No integrations necessary, QR orders print directly to kitchen printer
Unlimited sales deposits directly to your bank account

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