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Instant Tableside Ordering for Restaurants and Bars

Orderspot lets you streamline service by sending mobile orders and payments directly to your kitchen.

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Convenient Service

Keep your customers happy by letting them order conveniently from their tables rather than waiting in line or hailing a busy server.

Personalized Service

Orderspot analyzes the profiles of the customers frequenting your restaurant so you can make better decisions.

Streamlined Service

Orderspot reduces the time for food to reach customers by allowing your kitchen to receive orders directly from diners' mobile phones.

How It Works

Mobile Phone to Scan QR

To scan, customers hover their phone camera over the QR code. The code launches the ordering platform at the top of the screen as a push notification.

Mobile Ordering & Payment

To order and pay, customers tap the push notification at the top of the screen. Orderspot takes most payment methods including credit & debit cards. Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Venmo.


Orderspot notifies the kitchen about a new order via a digital tablet and a receipt printer. Orderspot can also directly integrate into most POS systems at an additional fee.

Kitchen to Diner

The server uses the Orderspot ticket to identify and deliver the order to the correct table, room or area. Alternatively, Orderspot texts the diner to notify them that their food is ready for pick-up.


The Orderspot dashboard helps you to manage payouts and CMS.

Get started today with a one-month free trial!

Sign up today and get one-month free trial.